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May 2014 Shimpan Seminar

To: All Kendo players in Ontario;
On Sunday May 4th, Kendo Ontario will hold a Shimpan Seminar supervised by S. Kimura sensei, 7 Dan of Toronto Kendo Club. All Kendo players 3 Dan and up are invited to participate. This seminar is important for all those who participate, as well as judge at kendo tournaments in Ontario. It will be especially relevant to those who plan to attend the upcoming U of T tournament. This event will be hosted by Ryerson University Kendo Club.
Details are as follows:
Date & Time: Sunday May 4, 2014, 12:00 pm(sharp)~5:00 pm (Seminar & godo geiko)
Location: Ryerson University
Cost: $10 / person
Requirements: 1. All participants should be in good standing and regular members of their respective dojos.
2. All participants should have a copy of the IKF booklet “The Regulations of Kendo Shiai and Shimpan”.
3. Participants should bring their own shimpan-ki for the seminar.

Please see attached registration form. Registrations are to be received no later than Sunday April 20th, 2014. Although this seminar is for 3Dan and above, we encourage any kendo member who wants to practice shiai in preparation for U of T tournament to attend.
Best Regards,

David Johnson
Kendo Ontario
[email protected]

The 18th Canadian National Kendo Championship

From CKF:

18th Canadian National Kendo Championship registration is now open:

Dear members,

The 18th Canadian National Kendo Championship will on June 28, 2014 in Montreal, Quebec. Registration it is now officially open, please login to register.

The competitor eligibility rules have changed since the last national championships were held.

Rules for all competitors (Individual or Team):

1. All competitors must be either a Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident of Canada (Landed Immigrant).
NOTE: this means temporary residents such as visitors or students are not allowed to compete.
2. All competitors must be practitioners of the Canadian Kendo Federation in good standing.
3. All competitors must belong to a club that is a member of the Canadian Kendo Federation in good standing.
4. Each competitor must wear the correct nafuda (zekken) identifying the name of their club and the competitor’s name in alphabet.
5. All competitors must be 16 years of age or older.

Rules for Individual competition:
1. Each competitor’s nafuda must identify the name of their home club

Rules for Team competition:
1. Each club may enter only one team into the competition.
2. Each team must have at least three competitors from the same club.
3. All competitors on a team must wear nafuda identifying the name of the same club (modified nafuda are permitted).

There will be a Kyu division and a Junior division

JUNIOR DIVISION – a final decision regarding holding a junior division by March 31st 2014, depending on expected numbers. Please refrain from applying until you hear from us.

Eduardo Cigliutti
CKF Membership Secretary & IT Chair