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Bokuto ni yoru kendo kihon waza keiko ho seminar – Oct. [email protected] Kendo Club

From Kendo Ontario:

Monday Sept. 8 , 2014

To: All Kendo players in Ontario;

On Sunday October 5th Kendo Ontario will hold a special seminar to teach Bokuto ni yoru kendo kihon waza keiko ho.  Under CKF guidelines, all kendo players in Ontario challenging 1 kyu  will be required to know this waza. This seminar is not only good for players who are challenging 1 kyu but also for any players who want a deeper knowledge about kendo. After the seminar, there will be a Kendo Ontario godo geiko open to all kendo players in Ontario. The event will be hosted by Ryerson Kendo Club.

Details are as follows:

Date & Time:
Sunday Oct. 5 2014
1pm~3pm Seminar
3:30~5pm Kendo Ontario Godo Geiko

Ryerson Kendo Club

A voluntary donation of $ 10 per participant would be appreciated to support Kendo Ontario and this seminar

1. All participants should be in good standing and regular members of their respective dojos and Kendo Ontario.
2.  All participants should bring their own bokuto for the seminar.
3. Participants should review Bokuto Kihon Waza BEFORE attending.

Please see attached registration form.  Registrations are to be received no later than Wednesday October 1st 2014.  Players attending the godo geiko only do not have to register.

Best Regards,
David Johnson
Kendo Ontario

[email protected]