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2014 fall shimpan seminar

From Kendo Ontario:

To: All Kendo players in Ontario;

On Sutuday November 8th, Kendo Ontario will hold a SHimpan Seminar supervised by S. Kamata, 8 Dan of Etobicoke Olympium Kendo/Iaido Club. All Kendo players 3 Dan and up are invited to participate. This seminar is important for all those who participate, as well as judge at Kendo tournaments in Ontario. It will be especially relevant to those who plan to attend the upcoming JCCC tournament. This event will be hosted by U of T Kendo Club.

Date&Time: Suturday Nov. 8, 2014 1:30-5:00pm Seminar & Godo geiko
Location: UOFT Kendo Club
Cost: There will be no cost for this event although a donation of $10 is requested.
1. All participants should be in good standing and regular members of their respective dojos.
2. All participants should have a copy of the IKF booklet “The Regulations of Kendo Shiai and Shimpan”.
3. Participants should bring their own shimpan-ki for the seminar.

Please see attached registration form. Registration are to be received no later than Monday November 3rd, 2014. Although this seminar is for 3 Dan and above, we encourage any Kendo member who wants to practice shiai in preparation for the JCCC tournament to attend.

Best Regards,
David Johnson
Kendo Ontario

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Annual Michigan State University Open Kendo Taikai

From MSU Kendo Club:

Dear All Kendo Practitioners,

I’m pleased to announce that on March 21, 2015 and March 22, 2015, there will be our annual Michigan State University Open Kendo Taikai.

We hope to have a shinsa up to Shodan for this event, more details will be coming soon.

We are honored to invite all of you to come and participate in this event. If you have any questions please email at [email protected] .

Thank you,

Mimi Ahn
MSU Kendo Club President