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Thank you all who participated in the 2016 JCCC Junior Kendo Tournament. Congratulations to all the winners below:
Non-bogu (15 ys old & under):
1st Tenka Poon — Nikka Gakuen Kendo Club
2nd Elizabeth Shim — Jung Ko Kendo Club
3rd Arthur Barcellos Pedroso — Montreal Kendo Club
3rd Jayden Joo — Jung Ko Kendo Club
Bogu (10 yrs & under):
1st Daichi Soso — Toronto Kendo Club
2nd Miku Kamata — Etobicoke Kendo Club
3rd Leonard Atiyota — Nikka Gakuen Kendo Club
3rd Shosuke Arai — Detroit Kendo Club
Bogu (11-13 yrs old):
1st Daichi Sakuma — Detroit Kendo Club
2nd Collin Shinohara — Detroit Kendo Club
3rd Warrick Bruan — JCCC Kendo Club
3rd John Cogill — JCCC Kendo Club
Bogu (14-15 yrs old):
1st Jorge Sumi — Markham Kendo Club
2nd Francesca Ho — JCCC Kendo Club
3rd Daniel Yuan — JCCC Kendo Club
3rd Tyler Barrone –Detroit Kendo Club
Team matchs:
1st Detroit Team A
2nd JCCC Team B (Rei Katsuta, Daniel Yuan, Francesca Ho)
3rd Etobicoke Team A
3rd Mississauga Team A
Fighting Spirit:
Lea Lee — Montreal Kendo Club
Hana Kushima — Toronto Kendo Club
Last but not least, thank you all the shimpan, volunteers, sensei and parents making this event successful.
Hope to see you again next year!
JCCC Kendo Club

Save the date if you can – Aug. 6th, 2016

Hello Everyone

Just a heads up.

Mississauga Kendo Club is celebrating its 20th Anniversary this year.
Kimura Sensei wanted to hold a Kids Kendo Seminar and Godo Keiko with a guest Sensei from Japan.

This is the date:
Aug. 6th – Kids Kendo Seminar and Godo Keiko with Kimura Sensei (Nagano) at MKC. 12-5pm
Aug. 6th – After keiko party (BBQ) at locale TBD
More information is to follow.
Please save the date if you can.