2018 Intercollegiate Kendo Tournament Results

Basic Beginners 
1st: U of T A
2nd: UWO A
3rd: Carlton A // Waterloo A

1st: S. Ramos (U of T)
2nd: P. Zaharotos (U of T)
3rd: A. Zhang (U of T) // J. Chen (UW)

1st: S. Zapanta (U of T)
2nd: R. Kim (UW)
3rd: M.landekic (McGill) // A. Ngai (York)

Alumni Individuals
1st: B. Kim (U of T)
2nd: I.Ru (U of T)
3rd: K. Mcnairn (Carlton) // W. Yang (UW)

Advanced Teams
1st: Western Ontario
2nd: Waterloo A
3rd: U of T A // York A

Alumni Teams
1st: Waterloo
2nd: U of T A
3rd: Western Ontario // York A

Fighting Spirit Award
M. Dejeong (Buf)

Best Shimpan
H. Piggot

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